• Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 221


  • 2019 Games Played: 15
  • Passing Attempts: 527
  • Completions: 402
  • Completion Percentage: 76.3%
  • Passing Yards: 5,671
  • Passing TDs: 60
  • Interceptions: 6
  • Rushing Attempts: 115
  • Rushings Yards: 316
  • Rushing TDs: 5


Burrow is coming off one of the most impressive seasons in college football history, he led his LSU Tigers to a perfect 15-0 record, won the National Championship and Heisman, scored 65 total touchdowns, and threw for 5,500 + passing yards with only 6 interceptions. In other words, he looked like a Pro Bowl caliber QB playing college football. Burrow can make all the throws and already has more composure, poise, and football intelligence than many NFL QBs. He has all the makings of a legendary player.

Scouting Report

vs. Oklahoma 2019 Peach Bowl

  • excellent chemistry between him and his WRs
  • advanced footwork
  • evident he has tremendous grasp of playbook
  • ball placement is elite
  • looks like a Pro Bowl QB playing college football
  • will move around to extend life of play - not a pocket statue
  • a few comeback route passes came close to being picked off
  • still he is as accurate a college QB as I've ever seen
  • does not force the ball
  • incredible composure and poise - never appears rattled - even in face of pressure
  • very accurate when throwing on the move

vs. Georgia 2019 SEC Championship

  • doesn't seem to run real fast, but picked up some big chunks on the ground
  • tough - invites contact as a runner - will take a hit in the pocket - never shows any signs of discomfort
  • throws ball with zip
  • even most incompletitions are well placed passes
  • no doubt benefits from playing with very high caliber supporting cast
  • not afraid to throw difficult passes into tight coverage... because he almost always complete them
  • not reckless with the ball - patient enough to let the play develop - if nothing opens he will often run

Best Team Fits

  • Cincinnati Bengals: no commentary necessary